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February 16, 2022by Xabier Reyes

URBIN was recently featured in Perfil weekly in article titled “Argentines are consolidated as the main buyers of condo hotels in Miami”.


The crisis generated by the pandemic, added to the political uncertainty in Latin America and strengthened an investment trend among Argentines: to acquire condo-hotels in Miami. This is due to the economic stability they represent and the legal soundness of the transaction.“


In the midst of the crisis generated by COVID-19, Argentine investors see a great opportunity to shield their interests in safer investments in the face of the uncertainty present in their country. Opportunities now arise in projects that focus on generating spaces so that their residents can live and work in places designed specifically for it”, says Fernando de Núñez y Lugones, Executive Vice President and Economist at ONE Sotheby’s International Realty who leads the URBIN Miami Beach & Coconut Grove team.


The Condo-Hotels are positioned as an attractive investment because they are a way of buying that allows the owner to use the property as a space for personal use, and, at the same time, consider the option of a rental that allows him to generate additional income.


URBIN is designed to address the needs of today’s residents, fostering creativity and connection through design-forward residences, an amenity program focused on wellness, and social programming that fosters community.


Each URBIN is an oasis, a layered community of thoughtfully-designed spaces that blend everyday necessities and luxuries to create a destination for residents to live comfortably and provide guests a welcome experience. To live work well at URBIN, residents have access to a wellness center, a market, and a full program of workspace with private and shared offices.


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