URBIN in Miami Today

November 11, 2021by Xabier Reyes

URBIN Miami Beach was recently featured in Miami Today article titled “65 Flex Work-Live Units Planned on Washington”.

From the article:

A new way to flex live and work is soon coming to Miami Beach, and developers say it will change the “work from anywhere” lifestyle.

URBIN Miami Beach at 1260 Washington Ave. is planned for 65 units for sale where owners can use their unit for up to 90 nights yearly and while away rent it out through the building’s leaseback program, said Rishi Kapoor, a local real estate developer who is launching URBIN.

“We are currently in the predevelopment phase and plan to begin the renovation in 2022 and deliver the project by 2025,” Mr. Kapoor said.

The project site includes an existing 33,488-square-foot property that is to be renovated, with an additional ground-up development building of 44,000 square feet. Residents are also to have access to dedicated spaces for work, wellness, culinary experiences, and entertainment.

All rentals are to be professionally managed in-house by the URBIN team, controlling cost and quality but the co-working portion of the property can be utilized by anyone, not just URBIN residents, added Mr. Kapoor, who is also the CEO of Location Ventures, which is heading the URBIN buildings.

“After embracing the work-from-anywhere lifestyle over the last year and a half, people are searching for flexibility when it comes to where they live and work,” he said. “I anticipate this trend is going to continue, which is why we’re integrating flexible short- and long-term furnished rentals as part of the URBINĀ  operating model and dedicated co-working space.”

Fewer companies today want to commit to long-term leases because physical office needs are still changing in a hybrid environment, said Mr. Kapoor, who is developing another URBIN building at 3162 Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove.

“Miami Beach is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the world. We identified locations for URBIN that are the epicenter of social activity and culture where there is already demand fom people looking to live and work there,” he said.

“The transformation underway on Washington Avenue to bring new hotels and retail made it the ideal fit for the brand’s first location.”

URBIN is a community that provides thoughtfully-designed spaces that blend everyday necessities and luxuries to create a destination for residents to live comfortably and provide guests a welcome experience. To live, work well at URBIN, residents have access to a wellness center, a market, and a full program of workspace with private and shared offices alongside a suite of designer-ready residences. Contact us today to learn more. HERE