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January 31, 2022by Xabier Reyes

URBIN was recently featured in El Economista article titled “The Real Estate Market In The U.S is becoming an attractive option for Mexican Buyers”

From the article:

The real estate market in the United States, especially in luxury segments is experiencing significant dynamism, where prices, low-interest rates, and other circumstantial factors have boosted demand while the supply has lagged behind.

According to an analysis by mortgage giant Freddie Mac, from 2018 to date the housing deficit in the United States has increased more than 50% to currently stand at 3.8 million units, while the price of unit sales across the US have risen about 15% in recent months to currently stand at around $340,000.

Real estate professionals in the United States have agreed that this situation could be perceived as worrying; however, it is a great opportunity for foreigners, mainly Mexicans, who seek to protect their positions in safe investments in the face of the economic situation.

“People are coming to the United States wanting to buy because there have been changes in the Latin American region. In Chile, Peru, Mexico, there was a significant outflow of capital and a percentage of that capital is going to end up in the real estate market”, explained Fernando de Núñez y Lugones, executive vice president of the Development Division of the ONE Sotheby’s International Realty agency.

In an interview, De Núñez highlighted that the Miami, Florida, market has triggered the interest of Mexicans, especially in projects with a value of more than 1,500,000 dollars, since, during the last year, Mexicans went from tenth to fourth place in the ranking of international real estate buyers in that state with acquisitions totaling more than 420 million dollars.

“Mexicans are present in all segments, but they are always buying well-located and high-quality products,” said the director of the URBIN luxury segment project’s sales agency.
De Núñez commented that, according to his experience, half of the Mexicans who buy a home in the United States do so in order to have a permanent residence, while 25% do so to settle partially and the other 25 % for investment purposes.

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