January 31, 2022by Xabier Reyes

URBIN was recently featured in Bisnow article titled “South Florida CRE Leaders on What’s To Come in 2022”

From the article:

The past two years have been hectic, to say the least, with the coronavirus pandemic upending lives and markets around the globe. Among the regions that fared better than others is South Florida, which emerged relatively unscathed.

Regional commercial real estate experts are now looking ahead to 2022, and they spoke with Bisnow regarding what’s on tap for the new year. These comments have been lightly edited for style and clarity.

Rishi Kapoor, CEO, Location Ventures

“The future is Flex. In both the residential and commercial market, the desire for flex space grew significantly over the past year and I anticipate it will further take hold in 2022. There are still several unknown factors, from corporate coworking to hybrid schedules, to world health, that are preventing companies from making long-term decisions and flex is an opportunity that fits. For employers and entrepreneurs, the ability to work from anywhere, and the growing acceptance to do so, is also fueling demand for flex office space. We’re seeing a similar trend in residential markets. A large segment of renters is moving away from signing annual leases in search of furnished apartments with flexible terms, allowing them to live in one city for a few months and then another, all while maintaining digital connectivity. The rise in short-term rental projects has already been seen locally and I foresee that it will continue, especially with the new projects planned.”

Each URBIN is an oasis, a layered community of thoughtfully-designed spaces that blend everyday necessities and luxuries to create a destination for residents to live comfortably and provide guests a welcome experience. To live work well at URBIN, residents have access to a wellness center, a market, and a full program of workspace with private and shared offices.

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